Uber Introduces Additional Features in App to Improve Driver, Passenger Safety

Uber’s Country Manager in Nigeria, Tope Akinwumi, announces the launch of the emergency in-app service and audio recording feature in the country. Uber, an American vehicle-for-hire and delivery company, has introduced these features to prioritize the safety of drivers and riders. The inclusion of technology aims to continuously improve safety standards.

Uber’s Country Manager, Tope Akinwumi, announced a collaboration with Sety, a technology company specializing in emergency management services, to introduce an emergency button feature. This feature, available to both drivers and riders on the app, enables immediate access to emergency assistance. When activated, the button alerts Sety, who promptly dispatches emergency responders to the location.

Akinwumi emphasized that the emergency button is designed to address various situations, including attacks, property damage, phone theft, accidents, and health emergencies. Additionally, the feature aims to promote better conduct and reduce unruly behavior among both drivers and riders.

CEO of Sety, Nnamdi Mmelie, explained that their collaboration with emergency providers, including ambulance services, security agencies, and private security companies, has been crucial in ensuring the provision of effective emergency services.They have been diligently working on this service for over 18 months. To further elaborate on the new feature, Akinwumi stated that during a trip, Uber cannot physically be present to assess situations.

Therefore, the introduction of the recording feature allows users to capture the trip experience and report any unruly behavior to Uber for appropriate action based on their community guidelines. Both drivers and riders have access to the recorded content, and if no report is filed within 15 days, the recording is automatically deleted from the phones and system.

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