NASENI Invites Lithium Battery Manufacturers For Local Production

The Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), Dr. Bashir Gwandu, presented a souvenir to Ms. Joyce Chen, the Founder of LEMI Technology, China, during a business delegation’s visit to NASENI’s headquarters in Abuja on July 17, 2023. NASENI is urging investors to collaborate with them in the local production and adaptation of renewable energy solutions, specifically Lithium batteries.

Dr. Gwandu emphasized this during an event in Abuja, expressing NASENI’s willingness to partner with international companies interested in establishing industries in Nigeria. The aim is to manufacture renewable energy solutions, electric vehicle components, and other capital goods locally. These initiatives would create job opportunities and decrease Nigeria’s dependence on foreign goods, which strains the country’s foreign exchange.

He discussed the progress made in solar panel production and the agency’s goal to attract solar cell manufacturing. They are actively seeking partnerships with companies worldwide to produce lithium-based products within Nigeria instead of exporting raw materials. NASENI aims to localize technology, promote domestic production, and reduce reliance on imported technology.

Additionally, NASENI plans to collaborate with the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) to develop and manufacture electric vehicles. Rather than starting from scratch, they intend to convert existing vehicles into electric ones. NASENI is engaging stakeholders to install electric vehicle charging stations along major roads in Nigeria.

Dr. Gwandu invites international partners and encourages local production, promising support and a favorable investment environment for those interested in establishing themselves in Nigeria. The NASENI EVC expressed optimism that this call would provide an opportunity for potential partners interested in manufacturing in Nigeria.

He revealed that the Federal Government would welcome any company that approached them first. Additionally, the agency is willing to collaborate with companies interested in establishing factories in Nigeria for lithium battery production. Dr. Gwandu proposed that NASENI and LEMI Technology explore potential areas of collaboration in lithium battery production while ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

He expressed excitement about signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with LEMI Technology to ensure the safest methods of producing lithium-based batteries, taking Nigeria’s unique environmental considerations into account. Ms. Joyce Chen, the founder of LEMI Technology, expressed readiness to partner with NASENI and invest in Nigeria. She assured that LEMI Technology looks forward to a fruitful relationship with NASENI and the Nigerian government.

The LEMI Technology delegation included Mr. Rocky Hu, the Chief Investment Officer; Ms. Biju Yao, the Chief Financial Officer; Ms. Monica Liang, the Oversea Business Director; and Engineer Mr. Lucia Peng. Mr. Xie Feng, the CEO of LEMI Technology, provided further details about the visit. He expressed his company’s willingness to collaborate with NASENI through an MoU on renewable energy, focusing on solar and television panels, inverters, and battery production.

Feng emphasized the importance of investment opportunities in Nigeria due to its large population and highlighted LEMI Technology’s operations in the Nigerian market since 2018, creating job opportunities and supplying renewable energy products to households. NASENI is Nigeria’s dedicated agency for capital goods research, production, and reverse engineering.

They specialize in various engineering and scientific fields, including materials, equipment, designs, and power equipment. The EVC of NASENI initiated projects upon assuming duty, including engaging exporters of lithium within Nigeria and encouraging them to invite their offtakers involved in lithium battery manufacturing worldwide to invest in end-product production in Nigeria.

The EVC emphasized Nigeria’s potential to lead in battery production due to its abundant raw materials, such as Phosphate, and highlighted NASENI’s commitment to attracting manufacturers in renewable energy and aerospace industries. Any company that chooses to process raw materials into end-products in Nigeria would receive support from NASENI.

Suppliers to CATL and LEMI of China were among the companies invited for earlier discussions on Lithium, and the first delegation from LEMI Technology visited NASENI to initiate conversations on local production of various lithium batteries and photovoltaics products.


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