TikTok Launches Music Streaming Service In Brazil and Indonesia

The parent company of TikTok, Bytedance, has ventured into the realm of music streaming by introducing TikTok Music. This newly launched subscription-based service allows users to synchronize their existing TikTok accounts.

By doing so, they gain the ability to explore, download, and enjoy tracks discovered within the video app. With TikTok Music, Bytedance aims to enhance the user experience and provide seamless integration between video content and music streaming.

According to a statement by the global head of music business development at TikTok, Ole Obermann, the newly launched TikTok Music service will initially be available exclusively to users in Brazil and Indonesia. The service aims to merge the music discovery experience on TikTok with a high-quality streaming platform.

Users in these countries will have the convenience of saving, downloading, and sharing their favorite viral tracks from TikTok. The statement highlights the potential benefits for music fans, artists, and the music industry as a whole. TikTok Music is anticipated to bring significant value to all stakeholders involved.

TikTok Music, the new music streaming service by Bytedance, offers an array of features to enhance the user experience. Subscribers can enjoy personalized music recommendations, connect with like-minded music fans, sing along with real-time lyrics, collaborate on playlists, import music libraries, and discover songs through lyric searches.

The service provides an ad-free experience, offline listening capabilities, and aims to create partnerships with major music rights holders. By launching TikTok Music, Bytedance expands its offerings and provides a dedicated streaming platform for music lovers worldwide.

Having previously launched the streaming service Resso in 2020, the company has now introduced TikTok Music. As a result, Resso will be phased out in Brazil and Indonesia by September 5, 2023. While TikTok Music will face competition from established streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, its advantage lies in the large existing user base on TikTok, which provides a solid foundation for the new app.

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