NCS Inaugurates Dr Muhammed Sirajo Aliya as New President

The Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) has announced Dr. Muhammad Sirajo Aliyu no as its newly elected President during the Inaugural Ceremony of the 2023-2025 Executive Council, known as the National Executive Council (NEC).

In his acceptance speech at the NCS headquarters on September 7th, 2023, Dr. Aliyu expressed his commitment to accelerating Information Technology (IT) for the advancement of the nation. He emphasized his dedication to ensuring that IT plays a pivotal role in national development.

During an interview with the press, Dr. Muhammad Aliyu outlined his plans to democratize Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by taking it to the grassroots. He stressed the importance of inclusivity for both organizations and nations to thrive, citing the need to boost national development.

Highlighting the financial and growth potential that Nigeria is currently missing out on, Dr. Aliyu called on the new Minister to collaborate closely with stakeholders like NCS to fulfill their shared objectives. He also appealed to President Bola Tinubu to consider involving IT professionals in the boards of various organizations, recognizing the pivotal role of IT in driving the nation forward.

Outgoing NCS President, Professor Adesina Shodiya, lamented the predominant challenge in the sector: ICT development in Nigeria. He expressed his expectations that Nigeria would have made significant progress in IT, particularly in e-governance, digitization, and skills development in emerging technologies.

Professor Shodiya acknowledged the efforts of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in skills development and emerging technologies. He emphasized the need for commercialization of various products, including robots and hardware devices, envisioning a future where Nigeria manufactures and markets its own technological innovations.

Professor Adeshina advocated for increased emphasis on skills acquisition, aiming for a scenario where the country manufactures and commercializes its own robots.

During his tenure, Sodiya significantly transformed the NCS, making it more appealing to members and championing their interests. He introduced numerous innovative technology programs, including initiatives aimed at educating children in primary and secondary schools about technology, conducting cybersecurity workshops, and organizing AI summits, among others.

Dr. Muhammad Sirajo Aliyu is now the fifteenth elected President of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), previously serving as Deputy to the immediate past president, Prof. Adesina Sodiya. Additionally, Dr. Charles Onyeukwu has been elected Deputy President of NCS, having formerly chaired the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee of NCS. The society has also appointed more members to the 2023-2025 National Executive Council. This change in leadership marks a significant moment in NCS history, with expectations of renewed efforts to advance the nation’s IT landscape.

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