Federal Government Girls’ College (FGGC) Sagamu Students Unveil AI Robot ‘Kiki-Saggy’



In a remarkable feat, secondary school girls from the Federal Government Girls’ College (FGGC) Sagamu, Ogun State, have proudly introduced an AI robot named ‘Okikiola-Sagamu,’ affectionately known as Kiki-Saggy.

This collaborative project engaged ten students and a few staff members and was recently unveiled to the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education, David Adejo, in Abuja. The students, spanning both senior and junior classes, detailed that the AI robot, Kiki-Saggy, boasts capabilities such as talking, walking, and even gesticulating.

Standing at an impressive height of six feet, weighing 60kg, and achieving a maximum speed of 10km per hour, Kiki-Saggy reflects the culmination of seven months of dedication and ingenuity. The innovators explained that they leveraged the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the construction phase, marking ‘Okiki-Saggy’ as their first successful trial in this domain.

Acknowledging the pivotal role played by their teachers, particularly the school principal, Dr Muyibat Olodo, who led the robotics team, and Coderina.org—an organization fostering capacity-building through robotics and emerging technologies—the students expressed gratitude for the guidance and support received.

Dr Olodo emphasized the transformative impact of technology on education, fostering innovation, problem-solving skills, and technological acumen among students. She highlighted the significance of future-focused fields that equip learners with tools to thrive in a technology-driven world.

Despite encountering technical difficulties, complex coding, financial challenges, and hardware issues during the project, the students viewed these obstacles as valuable learning experiences. They expressed hope for Federal Government support to enhance and refine Kiki-Saggy further.

The field of robotics is witnessing rapid advancements, with smarter and more adaptable robots featuring improved sensors, actuators, and artificial intelligence algorithms. Collaborative robots, or cobots, are gaining popularity for their ability to work alongside humans, enhancing productivity and safety.

Looking ahead, the future of robotics holds promise, with robots designed to understand and respond to human emotions, paving the way for companionship, caregiving, and overall well-being. The unveiling of Kiki-Saggy by FGGC Sagamu students is a testament to the potential of young innovators in shaping the technological landscape.



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