Expert advice on how to utilize your phone to track your health

In this interview with SADE OGUNTOLA, Dr. Dania Simpa, CEO/Lead Consultant of Sabaoth Technologies Ltd, discusses how individuals can use proper technology to better their health.

Wearable fitness trackers are sophisticated technologies that can accurately anticipate the onset of an infection or a seizure. These gadgets track a person’s heart rate while walking or running, the number of steps they take during the day, and their brain activity. These fitness trackers are really useful, and they have prevented many home mishaps, especially when the tracker displays a warning message. When crossing the street, cooking with gas, or sitting on a moving bike, the person strives to situate himself or herself in a safe setting and avoid putting themselves in danger.

A wearable fitness tracker can help with therapies, track our health data, and share it with our doctors. This new technology has been shown to help prevent, forecast, and detect illness in real time, saving us from potentially dangerous situations.

The epidemic has made us all more aware of the importance of researching health-related topics. Is there any medical equipment or gadgets that people must have at home in order to keep track of their health on a regular basis?

COVID-19 has helped us comprehend the shift from physical appointments to a “do-it-yourself” strategy using medical devices since its spread. First aid and assistance technologies are the first medical equipment to be utilized in the house, but certain medical gadgets have lately been released as consumer products that allow people to manage their own health care more conveniently and autonomously.

Medical equipment are being used outside of traditional healthcare institutions at an increasing pace. In order to maintain healthy living, more advanced medical equipment have been seen in households. Equipment such as a glucose meter, drug test, air purifier, and other similar items can be utilized at home, and it is highly recommended that you get one. The equipment can be used to help patients stick to their treatment plans, boost self-care, and educate them. Having these devices in the house enhances the health of all family members while also lowering the cost of health care.


How can I keep track of my health using my phone?


A mobile phone has evolved significantly since the release of the first iPhone in 2007 and has become an indispensable tool. Phone sensors can also assist us in our daily health and wellness. Using Google Fit and other health-related apps, you may track your body’s movements. A meal planner can be used on a mobile phone. This enables you to eat nutritious foods at the appropriate times. You can use your phone to look up how to identify and prepare healthy foods. A woman can check her phone to see if she’s ovulating, and then do a saliva test to be sure. This is a different option than taking a test for the aim of conception.

There are countless health applications with various purposes in every region of our bodies, and it is recommended that a person should use them all.


Is it possible to consult a doctor over the phone?


The mobile phone is frequently blamed for negative effects such as diversions, insomnia, and depression, but it also offers the ability to enhance healthcare. Turning one’s phone into a personal health management system can help a patient improve his or her health. There are a plethora of health-related applications available for download that are simple to use. This method or software motivates you to stay on track and keep a positive attitude about your health.

Another approach to use your mobile device to improve your health is to set up appointments for consultations. This serves as a gentle reminder to arrive on time for meetings and to take prescriptions on time. Using a timer and understanding when to conduct basic tasks at the appropriate times can help someone improve their health. A timer keeps you on track, helps you manage your time, and helps you stay organized.
Because a mobile phone has a negative impact on humans, we must use it properly and as a tool to preserve good health. There are numerous apps available now that can connect you to a doctor or other health authority.


Study reveals that, combining a mobile health app with continuing medical care can considerably enhance the health of hypertensive patients. Is this true?


Hypertension is a serious medical condition that has led many to premature death across the globe. It is a common condition. High blood pressure can be managed when patients limit their intake of alcohol, perform regular physical activity, quit smoking, work together with a doctor and lots more. A patient who is suffering from hypertension can use a mobile device to learn and get solutions. A doctor can prescribe medications and maintain regular appointments with his patient and also encourage his patient to adhere to electronic health interventions to provide a more flexible platform for healthcare.

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