CCB Chairman Reveals Monitoring of Government’s Palliative Disbursement Across Nigeria






The Chairman of Nigeria’s Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), Prof. Isah Mohammed, has revealed the rationale behind the recent nationwide exercise to oversee the distribution and management of social intervention palliatives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The CCB’s move aims to support the government’s fight against corruption and promote transparency and accountability in fulfilling its responsibilities to the citizens.

Prof. Mohammed says by monitoring the processes of distributing COVID-19 palliatives and other Social Intervention Programmes (SIPs), the CCB is responding to the call for assistance in ensuring the effective implementation of these initiatives. The Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) in Nigeria is actively addressing corruption and enforcing accountability during the COVID-19 lockdown.

He says they have renewed their commitment to their statutory responsibilities and deployed independent monitoring teams to oversee the distribution of social intervention palliatives, including school feeding, food items, conditional cash support, and private sector donations. The CCB’s main focus is to ensure the palliatives reach the intended beneficiaries and maintain transparent procedures for accountability.

The Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) has formed special monitoring teams across Nigeria, headed by Federal Commissioners from different zones and state offices. The Chairman, a lawyer, emphasizes the responsibility to instill confidence in government systems. The CCB’s focus is on monitoring the social intervention scheme to hold those implementing government activities accountable. The nationwide exercise aims to ensure transparency and accountability throughout the process.

The CCB values the collaboration with traditional rulers, as they are custodians of the people within their domains. The Chairman emphasizes the traditional institution’s role in upholding cultural values and societal norms. By gaining support from these rulers, the CCB aims to promote accountability and a sense of responsibility to society among the people. They have gained valuable experiences from its nationwide monitoring exercises.

The Chairman emphasized the need to be proactive in tackling corruption and supporting the government’s anti-corruption efforts. By being on the ground, the CCB can prevent abuse or subversion of processes, ensure the integrity of beneficiary registers, and prevent discrimination based on religious, ethnic, social, or political grounds. These experiences will inform and benefit future engagements of similar nature.

The Chairman reiterates the Bureau’s determination to instill public confidence in government services. He urges all Nigerians to support accountability efforts in the public sector and report any defaulting officials. The CCB will take action against those found culpable, ensuring consequences for their actions. The Chairman emphasizes the importance of public vigilance and cooperation in making accountability a success.


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