Anambra State Government Unveils ‘Solution e-ID Card’ for Civil Servants

Anambra State Governor, Prof Charles Soludo, has revealed the ‘Solution Electronic Identification Card’ for state employees in an event held at the Head of Service (HOS), Conference Hall in Awka, featured a demo-presentation of the state’s ‘Solution E-ID card’.

The Head of Service (HOS), Barr. Theodora Igwegbe, in her opening remarks, emphasizes the need for efficient and transparent governance as the driving force behind the implementation of the initiative. She highlights the adoption of the E-Identification scheme as a crucial aspect of the transformation, offering secure and reliable identity verification with enhanced efficiency, free from bureaucratic procedures.

She points out that traditional methods relying on physical documents and manual verification are time-consuming and prone to errors. By embracing the E-Identification scheme, Anambra State Civil Servants can simplify their interactions with government agencies, eliminating repetitive paperwork and bureaucratic delays.

According to the HOS, the implementation of the E-Identification scheme empowers civil servants to focus on their core responsibilities, leading to increased productivity across all areas. It also strengthens the security measures surrounding civil service operations, enabling effective tracking and monitoring of activities and ultimately enhancing service delivery.

The HOS further assures that concerns related to data security, infrastructure readiness, and digital literacy will be addressed in a timely manner. She says the state is actively working on initiatives to introduce cyber security measures, provide appropriate infrastructure like optic fiber internet connectivity and public Wi-Fi at the secretariat complex, and offer capacity-building programs to enhance digital literacy among civil servants.

Mr. Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Anambra ICT Agency

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Anambra ICT Agency, Mr. Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, praises the ‘Solution E-ID card’ as a robust and limitless system. He acknowledges the contribution of final year students from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, who interned with the ICT Agency and played a key role in developing the cards.

He says the collaboration between the State Government, Academia, and the agency’s Solution Internship Programme reflects the government’s commitment to technological advancement and transformation. He commends the Governor’s efforts to promote technology access in the public sector, emphasizing the limitless positive impact of the initiative on the people of Anambra.

Mr. Agbata says the ‘Solution E-ID card’ eliminates the issue of fake government employees, allowing civil servants and government employees to easily identify themselves while enabling seamless identification by the government and citizens. Notable features of the card include QR-Code verification, implementation of access levels, and a feedback mechanism for data and privacy protection.

He reiterates that the upcoming State Public Wi-Fi will further enhance internet access, eliminating the need for personal data usage or time wasted in public cyber cafes for official duties.

The initiative was praised by Mr. Christian Udechukwu, the Commissioner for Industry, who referred to it as cutting edge. He emphasized that it would offer numerous possibilities through mobile phones, making it a game changer for identity management in the state. This advancement would give the Anambra workforce an advantage over their counterparts in other Nigerian states and put them on par with their global counterparts.

Udechukwu commended Gov. Soludo for keeping up with the rapid pace of digital transformation and consistently driving positive technological change for the people of Anambra through the state ICT Agency. He further stated that the implementation of the e-ID card solution would eliminate impersonation and streamline service delivery.

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