First Electric Vehicle Experience Center Opens in Nigeria, Promoting Green Energy


Possible EVS has announced its plans to introduce Africa’s First Multi-brand Electric Vehicle Experience Centre (EVEC) to address the information deficit and promote the widespread acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs) in the nation. The center will feature top electric vehicle brands such as Tesla and BMW, among others.

The upcoming Electric Vehicle Experience Centre (EVEC) aims to be a platform for Nigerians to learn about the benefits of electric mobility, contributing to the country’s net-zero emissions goal by 2060. This center will provide visitors with the chance to explore, understand, and test-drive the latest models from top brands, offering hands-on experience with electric vehicles’ exceptional performance, advanced technology, and eco-friendly advantages.

Furthermore, the center will serve as a gathering place for government agencies, development partners, stakeholders, and automotive sector investors to engage in constructive discussions aimed at shaping policies that promote the extensive use of electric vehicles (EVs) in Nigeria.

Mosope Olaosebikan, the founder of the Discovery Museum and Possible EVS, emphasized the global surge in EV adoption and believed it was the right time for Nigeria to embrace this technology. He expressed the expectation that Nigeria’s EV numbers could reach one million by 2028 with ample government and stakeholder support.

The EVEC’s primary aim is to bridge the knowledge gap and provide comprehensive education for Nigerians about electric vehicles. The EVEC team will be on hand to answer questions, guide visitors through the intricacies of EV ownership, and demonstrate how the technology functions.

They will address topics such as EV charging, dispelling common misconceptions and range anxiety, and discussing the economic and environmental benefits of EVs. The CEO underlined their dedication to making EVEC a reliable source of information for Nigerians who may have doubts about the feasibility of electric cars in an energy-challenged country like Nigeria.

EVEC will be the go-to place for visitors interested in electric vehicles, allowing them to compare various aspects such as driving range, battery capacity, charging time, price, and features to choose the ideal EV for their needs. Once they’ve made their decision, they will be connected with the appropriate retailers.

This initiative aligns perfectly with the Federal Government’s National Automotive Design and Development (NADD) plan to have 30% of its cars as electric by 2025. EVEC, part of Possible EVS, a Nigerian automotive startup, is at the forefront of the nation’s journey toward sustainable transportation.

The center, open daily, is poised to become the premier destination for EV enthusiasts, early adopters, and those curious about electric vehicles in Nigeria. It will offer test drives from its electric car fleet. Furthermore, the center will play a pivotal role in educating Nigerians about the benefits of electric mobility and contribute to the country’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2060.

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